Fitness Plan: Build-a-Booty

Target glute training for those who desire perky, lifted curves! A hefty majority of these exercises are ones that are included in my own training regimen and I owe much of my glute progress to them. As with any training program, nutrition is key to seeing the best results. I encourage you to use this free macro calculator to point you in the right direction on your path to nutrition. Please note this program does not contain email support. If you feel that you could benefit from unlimited email support from me, look into my Challenges! After purchasing, you will receive a receipt to the email you enter at checkout (please make sure to enter your email correctly!) You will then immediately receive your plan as a digital download.

What you’ll learn:
  • All of my hand-picked, tried & true glute targeting exercises
  • How frequently glutes should be trained
  • Proper form & technique of all exercises
  • How to use the gym equipment
  • How to properly stretch your glutes for better results
What you’ll get:
  • A complete Program, including all of my hand-picked, tried & true glute targeting exercises
  • Three different workout routines so that glutes can be trained up to 3x per week
  • Detailed descriptions for every exercise, including sets and reps
  • Hashtags for every exercise video referenced
  • unlimited use once received, this Program never expires!

Do I need a gym membership? No, both at-gym and in-home versions are included in this Program.

What equipment do I need for the home version? An exercise ball, dumbbells, and loop exercise band.